First Linux Trunk Nightly Build of Mozilla Thunderbird Available

Sunday May 4th, 2003

joe writes in with some news from the Mozilla Thunderbird project page: "We have our first official Linux nightly build for the first time since Thunderbird moved to the trunk. Not to be out done, we also have a new Windows nightly which includes the latest code reduction work mentioned on May 2nd." Both builds can be downloaded from More information about the footprint reduction can be found in the change log.

#6 Re: Re: The Latest Nightly

by erickleung

Monday May 5th, 2003 9:38 PM

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I am just wondering what is the proper name would be used in the mozillazine main page?

As at today (2003.5.6), it shows 'px0.5' a the releases and 'Fb' for forum name and Nightlies. This might cause confusion to the 1st time visitors.

According to the new 'Mozilla Branding Strategy' dated April 25th:

Quote Begin--- 3. When referring to Thunderbird or Firebird before or during the 1.4 release cycle, make sure to use the project name with Mozilla pre-pended as "Mozilla Thunderbird" or "Mozilla Firebird" instead of Mozilla alone or Firebird/Thunderbird alone.

4. Use the names "Mozilla Browser" and "Mozilla Mail" to describe the Firebird and Thunderbird projects after the 1.4 release. Quote ended------

As Mozilla 1.5 is coming very soon, why we should not use "MF" and "MT" during Mozilla 1.4 development cycle or use "MB" or "MM" directly?