Nightly Builds of Mozilla Firebird Available for Mac OS X

Sunday May 4th, 2003

The first nightly build of Mozilla Firebird for Mac OS X is now available.'s commitment to deliver an OS X version of Firebird was announced in the new Roadmap, which was unveiled last month. The critically-acclaimed Camino browser, which features Mac OS X's native Aqua look-and-feel, will continue to be developed with the full support of

#41 Re: Re: Re: So, in other words...

by Tanyel <>

Friday May 9th, 2003 12:19 AM

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"I'm trying to make people misunderstand what you're saying?"


"How can I possibly be doing that, when as far as I can tell, you're not actually saying anything at all?"

Any sentient person could "tell." I do not know why you cannot.

"you haven't told us what exactly they did which was so hypocritical, unjust, or immoral"

I have.

"Perhaps when you can actually tell us what they supposedly did that was so terrible, you'll find yourself beinf taken more seriously."

I am taken seriously. That is why you are so afraid of me that you have to lie.