Nightly Builds of Mozilla Firebird Available for Mac OS X

Sunday May 4th, 2003

The first nightly build of Mozilla Firebird for Mac OS X is now available.'s commitment to deliver an OS X version of Firebird was announced in the new Roadmap, which was unveiled last month. The critically-acclaimed Camino browser, which features Mac OS X's native Aqua look-and-feel, will continue to be developed with the full support of

#34 Old data, my friend...

by Millennium

Tuesday May 6th, 2003 2:08 PM

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While you're correct that Mozilla was originally spawned from Netscape, they then decided to throw out all the old Netscape code completely (you can still find it on the Mozilla FTP site, I think), and start completely from scratch. So while Mozilla was at one point a Netscape derivative, the tables have turned, and now Netscape is a Mozilla derivative.

Why don't you have any respect for it anymore, anyway? Honest curiosity; perhaps I've just missed a few of your posts, but I've never seen you elaborate on why you hate Netscape so much.