Nightly Builds of Mozilla Firebird Available for Mac OS X

Sunday May 4th, 2003

The first nightly build of Mozilla Firebird for Mac OS X is now available.'s commitment to deliver an OS X version of Firebird was announced in the new Roadmap, which was unveiled last month. The critically-acclaimed Camino browser, which features Mac OS X's native Aqua look-and-feel, will continue to be developed with the full support of

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by Tanyel <>

Monday May 5th, 2003 11:28 PM

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I became a Netscape fan when I was introduced to Netscape 2. I think I was twelve years old. I became a Netscape fan shortly afterward. Then Microsoft finally figured people like the Internet and decided to crush Netscape with their Internet Explorer. At this point, I realised I was a Netscape loyalist. I resisted Microsoft and continued to use their browsers, even Netscape 4.x. I finally switched to Internet Explorer for pragmatic reasons when Netscape 4.5 was released. I think the primary upgrade was a "Shop @ Netscape" button.

Then, was formed and, regardless of propaganda, it was fromed by Netscape, which would make it a derivative of Netscape. I learned they were making a new Netscape web browser. They insisted was not Netscape but I ignored that and supported the project anyway. Their browser was not good. I supported them for moral reasons. They were the victims of Microsoft, and the primary challenger to Microsoft. I tried to get my friends to use the browser but I was unsuccessful because the browser often crashed and had an unprofessional appearance.

At this point, even when the browser improved, I had no practical reason to support Netscape. Then the company sold itself to America Online. Now there was no Netscape to support. I supported Mozilla because I thought it was the hero, battling the evil Microsoft. My only reason to support Mozilla was a moral reason. The way responded to the Firebird database project has destroyed any moral value they had in my mind. Now they are just another Microsoft. That is why I have lost all respect for Netscape and its derivatives.