Nightly Builds of Mozilla Firebird Available for Mac OS X

Sunday May 4th, 2003

The first nightly build of Mozilla Firebird for Mac OS X is now available.'s commitment to deliver an OS X version of Firebird was announced in the new Roadmap, which was unveiled last month. The critically-acclaimed Camino browser, which features Mac OS X's native Aqua look-and-feel, will continue to be developed with the full support of

#26 Mozilla and Firebird

by ryanrafferty <>

Monday May 5th, 2003 4:22 PM

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I have a huge amount of respect for everyone that contributes to the Mozilla project, they have a history of making good software-- and although they may have missed the mark in a few little areas, I believe they are on track with 1.5 and doing a fantastic job!

I just tried out the firebird release and it worked as expected, they still have a little way to go to get the interface in-line with OS X appearance guidelines (e.g. preference menu in the right spot, about menu, pinstripe theme, some new icons)-- and just those very minor touches that give it that OS X feel. I know you may think it's nit-picking but I think those little touches are pretty important.

Firebird so far worked great, and I know it's only going to get better, I still experienced a few very acceptable minor issues (like real player issues..). I think that firebird is really worth giving a try (like Camino, and the newer Mach-O Mozilla builds).

Keep up the good work!!