Full Article Attached Minutes of the Staff Meeting of Monday 28th April 2003

Friday May 2nd, 2003

The minutes of the staff meeting of Monday 28th April 2003 are now online. Issues discussed include 1.4 Beta, 1.3.1, Mozilla Firebird 0.6 and 1.5 onwards.

#32 Re: Mozilla 1.5 should be 2.0?

by masi

Sunday May 4th, 2003 2:54 AM

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>The toolbars and other bits of the FE toolkit were never frozen APIs. > Mozilla Seamonkey themes and extensions break all the time. > Seamonkey 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 code doesn't support 100% of the 1.0 toolkit.

Exactly the reason why I have stopped developing my "toy" add-on. It sucked to have to rewrite (tiny bits) for every single Mozilla release. API freeze for the foundations is a good thing. But only for guys who do a "total conversion".

Although Mozilla has quite a fan base, it would have attracted more free programmers, if it made 3rd party add-on seasier. Of course that would only benefit Netscaape/AOL as a kind of image improvement in certain circles.