eWeek Reports on New Mozilla Roadmap

Wednesday April 30th, 2003

Peter Lairo wrote in to tell us that eWeek has a report about the new Mozilla Development Roadmap. The article, which is mostly accurate, outlines the changes proposed in the new plan and evaluates their likely effects. eWeek describes the new strategy as "overwhelmingly positive" but does express concern that the stronger module ownership model could slow down innovation.

#11 Your logic doesn't hold here???

by pkb351 <>

Wednesday April 30th, 2003 3:50 PM

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you said: "The browser that has 100% focus from its development team will always beat the browser that has 20% (or 50% or 75% or even 95%)."

The same group of people who worked on Mozilla browser will work on Firebird browser. Those who worked on Mozilla Mail will work on Mozilla mail. In the Mozilla suite developers focused on conponents such as Mail or browser. The Mozilla browser has always recieved 100% attention from its developemnt team.

It is very likely that most of those who worked on Mozilla browser will work on Firebird while those who worked on Mozilla mail will work on Thunderbird. The browser has always recieved 100% from its development team. I do not see more developers working on the browser with the new roadmap since there are developers who work on mail and with continue there. You are wrong if you believe with the new roadmp that suddenly all of the developers who were working on the Mozilla suite will suddenly work only on the browser, i.e. Firebird.

You may be correct with your statement if you restate it to say"now 100% of Mozilla browser development resources will focus on one browser, Firebird, as opposed to dividing the resources between the Mozilla browser and Phoenix (now Firebird).

I can not see how there will be more development team resources for the browser in the new roadmap, unless the roadmap is changed so that all the other apps (mail, chat, composer, etc) are dropped and only the browser developed. (This is not happening and I hope it never does.)