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Saturday April 26th, 2003

Due to a large increase in traffic in recent weeks, MozillaZine's bandwidth usage has risen dramatically. We're currently working with our excellent hosts, American Data Technology, Inc., to find a new hosting solution that can accommodate MozillaZine's growing popularity. In the meantime, we've disabled the MozillaZine Forums, which accounted for much of the site's data transfer. This should reduce our bandwidth usage and also eliminate the MySQL errors that many of you have experienced recently. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and we will endeavour to get the forums up and running again as soon as possible. Thanks to all our readers for your continued support.

#8 CSS redesign?

by fgxh298

Sunday April 27th, 2003 10:48 AM

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Perhaps MZ should look into a CSS redesign. Looking at the code I see a few tables (not many though) but alot of presentational tags like b, i, u, center, and font. I don't doubt that quite a bit of bandwidth could be saved by cutting this out into an external CSS file. The forums could even be streamlined alot with CSS. I've worked on it with phpbb2 in the past but never finished it. It definetly can be done even though it is a little challenging.

There are alot of talented web developers who visit MZ who I'm sure would love to help if the MZ admins aren't up to the task.