Reasons to Switch to Mozilla Firebird

Saturday April 26th, 2003

David Tenser writes: "Ben Goodger, the Mozilla developer who gave us the newly designed Options window in Mozilla Firebird, has written a very nice document on reasons to switch to Mozilla Firebird instead of using other browsers. The document covers all major features of the browser and is written for end-users as well as developers and web designers." also has a more general section on why you should be using Mozilla.

Update! At the request of a senior Mozilla Firebird developer, this MozillaZine article was withdrawn for a short time while the linked document was updated to meet the Mozilla branding requirements.

#20 Doubtful May, clear later

by JuanGonzalez

Wednesday April 30th, 2003 7:04 AM

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warenhaus wrote:

> "i guess there needs to be a clarification, not of the clarification itself, but BY THOSE who made it. so that everybody can understand and that the updated version of the Why-page gets updated again. (though, if it's true that 1.5 is out in june, there's a lot of energy put into these things...)"

It seems that there is already an agreement, from what some developers are saying, that after Mozilla 1.4 (around end of May), both project and application on the desktop will be "Mozilla Browser", in betas and so on. The official public version will be 1.5, of course.

There are different branding interpretations for the month of May, because it is not clear if the point 6 ("Product Naming in resources, executables and on the desktop") of the new Mozilla Branding of April 25 <> applies only after 1.4 or also until 1.4. That is to say, it is not clear yet if project name and application name are different or the same until 1.4.

It's only one doubtful May, just for preparatory versions of Mozilla Firebird -> Mozilla Browser. Let's hope one month of project work is not much important. All the past absurd quarrels possibly haven't been a good point for the public image of both open source projects and for the open source movement as a whole. It's undersatandable anyhow, if you think that it seems clear now how developers know much about C++ but don't know much how to manage PR and diplomatics. ;-)

Perhaps some more competitive than cooperative attitudes come from the corporate past of both OS projects, Netscape's Mozilla and Borland's Firebird, time ago. All of us should learn from the recent mistakes and improve for the future. OpenSource == FriendlyCooperation. (About cooperation, just remember for instance, maybe AIDS was already in the past if the different corporate laboratories were less secretive and more cooperative).

Well... and about past corporate attitudes, not everything is like that, and I think the new Branding is very positive, a proof of goodwill. And TM symbols are gone in project names and also in the nightlies, anyway.