Reasons to Switch to Mozilla Firebird

Saturday April 26th, 2003

David Tenser writes: "Ben Goodger, the Mozilla developer who gave us the newly designed Options window in Mozilla Firebird, has written a very nice document on reasons to switch to Mozilla Firebird instead of using other browsers. The document covers all major features of the browser and is written for end-users as well as developers and web designers." also has a more general section on why you should be using Mozilla.

Update! At the request of a senior Mozilla Firebird developer, this MozillaZine article was withdrawn for a short time while the linked document was updated to meet the Mozilla branding requirements.

#17 Re: OS X?

by asa <>

Monday April 28th, 2003 9:15 PM

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Camino isn't going anywhere. Actually, that's wrong. Camino *is* going places. It's getting better and better <http://www.mozillazine.or…rton/archives/003130.html> Lots of people love Camino (myself included) and a standalone XUL browser on Mac isn't going to change that. Camino delivers the world-beating standards support and awesome correctness and speed of the Gecko rendering engine with a powerful and fast native interface. As long as users want it and developers hack on it, Camino will continue to deliver.

The Mozilla Firebird browser on Mac will serve several purposes. The first, and I think most important, is that along with the Mozilla Thunderbird mail client, it will provide Mac Mozilla SeaMonkey users (and there are quite a few of them) with an upgrade path that maintains much if not all of their current functionality. The Mozilla Firebird browser on Mac will also give Mac Mozilla users access to all those great XUL extensions <> and XUL applications <> XUL extensions and standalone XUL applications are highly desired and not just on Windows and Linux. MozillaZine's forums aren't accessible right now but when they return, do a quick search through the Firebird/Phoenix forums and you'll find there's a lot of interest in a XUL-capable browser for Mac OS X.

Camino is a kickass web browser and has the full support of XUL is a awesome cross-platform application and extension development platform and the Mozilla Firebird browser should deliver that platform for Windows, Linux, *and* Mac OS X.