Reasons to Switch to Mozilla Firebird

Saturday April 26th, 2003

David Tenser writes: "Ben Goodger, the Mozilla developer who gave us the newly designed Options window in Mozilla Firebird, has written a very nice document on reasons to switch to Mozilla Firebird instead of using other browsers. The document covers all major features of the browser and is written for end-users as well as developers and web designers." also has a more general section on why you should be using Mozilla.

Update! At the request of a senior Mozilla Firebird developer, this MozillaZine article was withdrawn for a short time while the linked document was updated to meet the Mozilla branding requirements.

#16 From Mozilla Navigator to the new Mozilla Browser?

by JuanGonzalez

Monday April 28th, 2003 8:16 PM

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NXprime wrote:

> I know, he should have been saying Mozilla Browser. Wtf?

I think you are right. For instance, the phrase

"Firebird starts up and runs much faster than Mozilla because of its significantly optimized code."

probably should say something like

"Mozilla Browser starts up and runs much faster than Mozilla Navigator because of its significantly optimized code."

according to, for example, the point 6 of the new branding <> , with different names for projects (like SeaMonkey, Mozilla Firebird, Mozilla Thunderbird) and applications (like Mozilla Navigator in the current suite, or the new standalones Mozilla Browser, Mozilla Mail).

Of course, unless that project codenames are the product names now. If this is the case, the next stable suite will be SeaMonkey 1.4. (Just joking). ;-)

Apart from this half-fixed detail (no TMs in project names: fixed already), otherwise I think it's an attractive article indeed.