Reasons to Switch to Mozilla Firebird

Saturday April 26th, 2003

David Tenser writes: "Ben Goodger, the Mozilla developer who gave us the newly designed Options window in Mozilla Firebird, has written a very nice document on reasons to switch to Mozilla Firebird instead of using other browsers. The document covers all major features of the browser and is written for end-users as well as developers and web designers." also has a more general section on why you should be using Mozilla.

Update! At the request of a senior Mozilla Firebird developer, this MozillaZine article was withdrawn for a short time while the linked document was updated to meet the Mozilla branding requirements.

#14 Re: Switch from Mozilla to Mozilla Firebird?

by JuanGonzalez

Monday April 28th, 2003 5:14 PM

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lsces wrote:

> This article has been pushed too early, and still fails to follow the branding rules. [...]

At least, the TM symbols are already removed from the project name. And it's a really nice brief article on the next Mozilla browser, apart from the doubtful browser name on the page.

About the new branding guidelines <> , there seems to be different possible interpretations. For example, in the Mozilla Firebird Project page <> , it is stated that:

"Mozilla Firebird is just a project name, in the same way as the Mozilla Application Suite is codenamed SeaMonkey."

So it seems that, after Phoenix 0.5, the next pre-1.5 version will be "Mozilla Browser 0.6" (and "Mozilla Mail 0.1" from the Mozilla Thunderbird Project), in the same way that there was for example a "Mozilla 0.9.1" before Mozilla 1.0, and not a "SeaMonkey 0.9.1".

But some people think that the standalone versions can be considered not public (and "strictly for testing") until after Mozilla 1.4 (around end of May). In this case, we would have "Mozilla Firebird 0.6", and later "Mozilla Browser 1.5". This seems to be also the view of the otherwise truly interesting Ben's article. But I'm not sure this is an entirely correct reading of "project name as SeaMonkey". ;-)

Well, in spite of this and of the (very good) nightlies that I'm testing, I sincerely hope I didn't misunderstand the new branding guidelines for projects and applications, and the first one is the right branding interpretation. But I can be wrong, of course. :-)

Anyway, probably the exact steps for the transitional stage are not decided yet. Very few transition months in fact, so I don't know if all these details have any importance...