Firebird Database Project Admin Apologises to for Mailbombing

Saturday April 26th, 2003

In an update to an earlier article, IBPhoenix is reporting that Ann Harrison of the Firebird database project has apologised to Staff for "problems a mailbombing may have caused". The apology was made at the request of the Debian project's Jonathan Walther, who has offered to mediate in the dispute. The article also reports that the Firebird Admins and the FirebirdSQL Foundation are trying to open a more formal channel of communication with

#6 Male Bovine Excretion

by Tanyel <>

Saturday April 26th, 2003 9:09 PM

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No matter how long your propaganda is, Mozilla is still using a stolen name, still attacking another open source project in the Microsoft style, and still ignoring reason and reality.

"Most people don't care about any names, they only want to go ahead with Mozilla and its new exciting possibilities."

If this were true then the project name would be changed so things could go more smoothly.

"The internal codename will be used just for practical reasons, to differentiate between the two simultaneous projects in internal development and during a few months, until the new applications replace the old suite"

This ignores the damage done in that "few months."

"As the neutral mediator Mr. Walther said, for an internal project, trademark does not apply..."

Then make the code name "Phoenix." Explain why a "TM" would be appended to something that is not used as a trademark.

"they neither appear in the product name, nor in user documentation, nor in icons on the computer desktop, nor in file names, and so on"

The biggest problem will probably be their appearance in webpages.

"If I'm also wrong, my apologies, others may correct me."

Consider yourself corrected.

"many documents need to be updated little by little"

That is too little.

" in these Mozilla forums, we are common users, testers, and so on, maybe a few busy developers"

You forgot flaming flunkies that support their favorite organizations no matter what those organizations do.