Firebird Database Project Admin Apologises to for Mailbombing

Saturday April 26th, 2003

In an update to an earlier article, IBPhoenix is reporting that Ann Harrison of the Firebird database project has apologised to Staff for "problems a mailbombing may have caused". The apology was made at the request of the Debian project's Jonathan Walther, who has offered to mediate in the dispute. The article also reports that the Firebird Admins and the FirebirdSQL Foundation are trying to open a more formal channel of communication with

#35 Re: Dumbass

by bzbarsky

Sunday April 27th, 2003 6:07 PM

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Yeah, it's harsh. But Ben has been unnecessarily confrontational about this whole naming thing all along (see his blog). The (tm) is there in that document for the same reason it was in the UA -- because he is trying to say "fuck off" to people.

As far as the rest goes, for every bug you say he fixed in Mozilla Firebird, I can point you to a "feature" he created in Mozilla, replacing working code with half-baked crap and not cleaning up after himself afterward. I'm still dealing with the fallout of his "save page complete" changes nearly two years ago; I have dozens of bugs on my list or that I'm watching that make saving pages pretty hellish; much worse than it was before that change.

So no, it was not a joke. Ben did do a lot for Mozilla (more than me; certainly for the UI), but he's also been the Mozilla developer who's used up the most of my time cleaning up his mess, while refusing to acknowledge that he had created it and refusing to review changes to it. That does not endear him to me in the slightest, sorry.