Firebird Database Project Admin Apologises to for Mailbombing

Saturday April 26th, 2003

In an update to an earlier article, IBPhoenix is reporting that Ann Harrison of the Firebird database project has apologised to Staff for "problems a mailbombing may have caused". The apology was made at the request of the Debian project's Jonathan Walther, who has offered to mediate in the dispute. The article also reports that the Firebird Admins and the FirebirdSQL Foundation are trying to open a more formal channel of communication with

#28 No, you don't.

by leet

Sunday April 27th, 2003 11:57 AM

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This shows the exact reason for Firebird users' wrath. not only co-opted their name, but has the audacity to put a TM next to the name. It's just stupid and shows the utter depravity of any ethical or moral standards in lead developers.

No, you don't get a trademark by putting a TM next to a word or phrase. You get it by using it. By that standard, the database project has a legitimate claim to the name. And since US laws designate official categories, one of them being Software, can never trademark the Firebird name, because they were years late in using it. If wants to trademark the name, as this page shows undoubtedly, there can now be no excuse for not consulting another open-source project that already uses the name. It's simple decency.

This page also shows exactly why Firebird is not just a code name for a project. It's intended as a brand, despite the official branding strategy that was recently released. For Kovu and everyone else who lashed out at dissidents, this should shut them up. Of course, it won't.