Firebird Database Project Admin Apologises to for Mailbombing

Saturday April 26th, 2003

In an update to an earlier article, IBPhoenix is reporting that Ann Harrison of the Firebird database project has apologised to Staff for "problems a mailbombing may have caused". The apology was made at the request of the Debian project's Jonathan Walther, who has offered to mediate in the dispute. The article also reports that the Firebird Admins and the FirebirdSQL Foundation are trying to open a more formal channel of communication with

#24 Dumbass

by jedbro

Sunday April 27th, 2003 11:05 AM

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That's a little harsh, Ben has done a Magnificante amount of work in FireBird in the last few months (hmm.. prefs re-write, fixed tons of bugs, etc.). Just because he "mis-understood" and put a (tm) in the page, and UA (which was later fixed) doesn't nesecarilly make him a dumbass.

While I respect you BZ, and all you have done for Moz, etc. That's a shitty attitude towards people who are making Mozilla better. (Unless ofcourse it was a joke)