Further Updates on Firebird Naming Debate

Friday April 25th, 2003

Jonathan Walther of the Debian project has published a transcript of an interview with an anonymous Mozilla developer about the Firebird naming conflict. According to IBPhoenix, which is affiliated with the Firebird database project, Walther has offered to mediate in the dispute. IBPhoenix have also published their own update on the situation, apparently written by project administrator Ann Harrison.

#14 FireBird

by jedbro

Saturday April 26th, 2003 10:24 AM

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I guess what people just don't get is FIREBIRD was the new name to give to the SIDE-PROJECT that was phoenix. I really doubt there would have been a Flame-War if it wasn't for the new RoadMap making Phx/FB more inportant.

What people didn't realize is that once Focus shifted over to FIREBIRD, it would again be refered to as "Mozilla" (or oficially Mozilla Browser).

True, this could have been made more clear for those who love to be trolls and flame-war. But this was clear to me from the start, it was even 'logical'.

I do agree though, that while both Mozilla the Suite and Mozilla FireBird co-exist, the FireBird DB does have a right to complain. But what they need to think about, is the worth of doing this for what will only last a month or so.