Further Updates on Firebird Naming Debate

Friday April 25th, 2003

Jonathan Walther of the Debian project has published a transcript of an interview with an anonymous Mozilla developer about the Firebird naming conflict. According to IBPhoenix, which is affiliated with the Firebird database project, Walther has offered to mediate in the dispute. IBPhoenix have also published their own update on the situation, apparently written by project administrator Ann Harrison.

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by scorzonera

Saturday April 26th, 2003 3:27 AM

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I'm glad to learn that the name of the browser and mail/news-client remains Mozilla. (I personally didn't like the names Firebird and Thunderbird at all.)

What I do not understand is why all this confusion could go on for such a long time (comparatively speaking). The whole 'clarification' looks more like a cover-up then anything else, to me.

I could be wrong, of course (and I don't mind if I am), but there are some elements in this 'affair' that not only created confusion with me, but certainly raised a proverbial eyebrow or two.

But, Mozilla has build enough credit with me to let bye-gone's be bye-gone's. I just hope that this mess will be a valuable lesson for the Mozilla team concerning communications in general. Obviously, the Mozilla project has much more public attention and a higher profile now then it had in the early days. And this will only increase with time passing... Publishing information on the various aspects on the evolution of this awsome and fine Mozilla-project should therefor reflect this new position of public attention and carried out with much more care then ever before; that is, if the Mozilla-project wants to prevent future confusion and unnecessary obstructions or objections on it's plans for it's future development.

I wish wisdom and good fortune to the Mozilla community. And a good PR department. ;-)