Mozilla Branding Strategy Clarifies Naming of Mozilla Projects and Products

Friday April 25th, 2003

FrodoB writes: "Christopher Blizzard has published to an article entitled Mozilla Branding Strategy, which clarifies the position of on naming of the application suite and the separate applications in milestone 1.4 and beyond. Essentially, the application suite is to be called 'Mozilla Application Suite' with individual names 'Mozilla Navigator', 'Mozilla Mail/News', and so on. The Mozilla Firebird and Mozilla Thunderbird names are simply codenames, and the resulting products will be referred to as 'Mozilla Browser' and 'Mozilla Mail'."

#35 Confusing users? Bad for marketing?

by neva <>

Saturday April 26th, 2003 9:17 AM

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A number of people *have*, I suppose, been spotted attempting to purchase Debian instead of the Toy Story DVD they were originally intending. And a collection of pandas is currently picketing the use of 'Bamboo' as the codename for Mandrake 9.1, as it might produce confusion in other pandas searching for food, and cause mass starvation. Because, of course, codenames have such destructive potential!

There does come a point when reason might want to start influencing your thoughts a *little* bit. Honestly.