Opinions of German Mozilla Developers Sought for Open Source Survey

Thursday April 24th, 2003

Claus Augusti, maintainer of the German MozillaZine, writes: "FLOSS-US 2003 is an international online survey aimed towards open source developers, currently being conducted for the second time by researchers of Stanford University's Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR). I received a request for assistance at, as there are only 30 (of 1000) responses from Austrian/German/Swiss open source developers so far. Since I'm pretty sure that a serious percentage of (especially) developers read more regularly, I'm posting a cross-link to the article describing the survey on here. Thanks for your assistance!

"BTW, the German MozillaZine has been very active recently. It's now powered by a weblog, which allows user comments and other features we're currently working on. Also, I've updated the documentation area with a short introduction to JavaScript/XSLT and Mozilla's XML Extras."

#1 Das ist nicht so gut!

by Jimmy_C

Friday April 25th, 2003 11:45 PM

Acht so. I wish I remembered more of my Deutsch from High School, since those links seem so interesting!!! Could you please please please offer a translation for the "Short Into to Javascript/XSLT" and "Mozilla's XML Extras"? Otherwise I'll have to spend a week refreshing my poor memory of my limited German skillz...