"Music To Code By" Section Now Online

Saturday January 9th, 1999

On the navbar at right you will now find a new link called "music to code by". Each week we'll be listing music that Mozilla developers are currently listening to. So, if you are looking for some new tunes to code to, check it out!

#2 Re: What's next? The candies they eat?

by Nicolás Lichtmaier <>

Sunday January 10th, 1999 3:14 PM

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#3 Re:What's next?

by SomeSmartAss

Sunday January 10th, 1999 4:41 PM

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Personaly, I'm hoping for some good fasion tips to show up ];-}>

#4 Re: candy they eat

by broken

Sunday January 10th, 1999 9:34 PM

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1 - Caffeinated Peppermints (<>).

2 - TastyBuzz (<>). Caffeinated taffy candy.

3 - PEZ candy

They also drink Jolt, Josta, and Krank2O.

I expect a thread with programmer's food... You can't have enough of those yummy ramen noodles!

#5 Re:music to code by

by Ryan Hayle <>

Tuesday January 12th, 1999 3:48 PM

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I would suggest any and all Mozilla developers visit my website, the Classical Music Archives at <> for the best MP3 music has to offer.