Send Us Your News and Opinions!

Wednesday September 9th, 1998

MozillaZine needs your help! If you have thoughts pertaining to the Mozilla project that you would like to share with others, and you think you have enough opinion to fill a few paragraphs, submit your write-up via "submitArticle" at right and we'll check it out. If it's not slanderous, we'll probably publish it! :) If you want to bounce the idea off of us first before doing a write-up, feel free to contact us via "helpMozillaZine" on the navbar.

If you're currently working on a project or module for Mozilla and you've just implemented something incredibly cool, let us know. Or, if you have stumbled across a news item on another site or in the newsgroups that you'd like other readers to know about, please let us know and we'll get the news out!

We're working on providing you more original content - weekly interviews, overviews, and updates on Mozilla. Stay tuned and please contribute if you can!