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Monday April 21st, 2003

It's been a long and intense week since announced that the Phoenix browser has been renamed Firebird, to the dismay of much of the Firebird database community. In this interview with MozillaZine, Ann Harrison, an administrator of the Firebird database project and a partner in IBPhoenix, gives her thoughts on the dispute.

#54 Re: well-spoken - my vote is for a mozilla name ch

by jilles

Tuesday April 22nd, 2003 7:40 AM

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What's worrying me is that the mozilla developers have chosen not to come to this IMHO very obvious conclusion for about a week now. From the moment I first heard about this conflict (on this site actually) my first thought was: ok so they're going to change the name again. Who cares, the name sucked anyway.

Please people, grow up: the name was taken, so take another name (and something more imaginative this time, please).