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Monday April 21st, 2003

It's been a long and intense week since announced that the Phoenix browser has been renamed Firebird, to the dismay of much of the Firebird database community. In this interview with MozillaZine, Ann Harrison, an administrator of the Firebird database project and a partner in IBPhoenix, gives her thoughts on the dispute.

#48 14574? Oh damn, this is sooo stupid!!!

by durbacher

Tuesday April 22nd, 2003 4:47 AM

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The poll before this one was about the new Mozilla roadmap and therefore you can be sure it raised all attention it could - and still it only had less than 2000 votes when this new vote came up. So you can consider '2000' the number of voters from the Mozilla community and 12500 from the outside. Yes, you could also fake votes if you want. Those 2000 votes are less than 16%, so one could even argue that ALL of the Mozilla community likes or loves the new name. I don't do so, but you come and say that the new name is obviously not accepted... ridiculous!

I have seen the poll result before the database community was aware of it. And at that time the majority of votes was in favor of the new name. It was not overwhelming, but a clear majority.

So please shut up claiming things about what this poll says.

The only thing the poll really says is that it's seriously spammed. Your nonsense statement about the poll being accurate... I won't comment on it. You like me to prove that it isn't? Just tell me which poll entry I should vote for and I'll be able to do 30 votes in a short while.

BUT: this all does not mean that I'm all for this new name: I voted for "neutral" because ...well... as you say: there are nicer names. I'm not even opposed to changing the name. But I'm opposed to reading your nonsense.