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Monday April 21st, 2003

It's been a long and intense week since announced that the Phoenix browser has been renamed Firebird, to the dismay of much of the Firebird database community. In this interview with MozillaZine, Ann Harrison, an administrator of the Firebird database project and a partner in IBPhoenix, gives her thoughts on the dispute.

#46 Neither good for Mozilla or Firebird -- change

by job

Tuesday April 22nd, 2003 3:22 AM

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I'm a Phoenix user who hasn't voiced my opinion in this matter yet -- but Mozilla deliberately using another open source projects name is very bad! (Another successful open source project is even worse.)

Apparently Asa has asked AOL Legal if the new name was ok. BUT NOT the Firebird(-the-database) team. If I was on that team, I would naturally feel very offended. Especially since Mozilla is such a heavyweight project. That's not to play nice.

This will create a load of problems not only for Google searches but for distributions as well. Do you want your software to be installed as "rpm -i firebird-the-webbrowser.rpm" (or "apt-get install firebirdwebbrowser.deb")? That would be stupid! Enough already with these name clashes.

Most of the name space is still available -- just choose ANYTHING else. How about calling it 'Firezilla' to be close in name both to Firebird-the-browser (if you actually thought that was a good name) and Mozilla.