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Monday April 21st, 2003

It's been a long and intense week since announced that the Phoenix browser has been renamed Firebird, to the dismay of much of the Firebird database community. In this interview with MozillaZine, Ann Harrison, an administrator of the Firebird database project and a partner in IBPhoenix, gives her thoughts on the dispute.

#31 Bah.

by jensend <>

Monday April 21st, 2003 9:32 PM

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I agree that if the Firebird name for the browser is kept a "if you're looking for Firebird RDB, they're [here]" would be nice.

I see no reason the mozilla community should back down on the name; we're fully within our rights and Firebird is a very generic name. I think that the interview includes a good deal of bull- she claims that the law is clearly on Firebird RDB's side, which it isn't, as well as that the ethical issue is clearly in Firebird RDB's favor, which it isn't. She obviously hadn't looked at the real forums and had underestimated the amount of abuse of the article response spaces. Her comparison of car theft is outrageous. The situation is a lot more like a fussy woman getting extremely angry and frustrated because somebody at a social function she went to was wearing the same kind of dress she was. In addition, I think the practice of signing up for Mozillazine accounts just to flame people or even to argue the Firebird DB side of the debate is terrible. An overload of accounts owned by people who have no real interest in Mozilla except to tear it down can do MozillaZine no good (not that we didn't have some people who fit that description before the Firebird debate, *cough*pbreit*cough*). Overloads of such accounts counter many of the benefits MZ received from banning anonymous posting.