MozillaZine Reports on Firebird Name Debate

Sunday April 20th, 2003

Clay writes: " now has an article about the Firebird name debate. Is it true that MozillaZine was hacked?"

To the best of our knowledge, MozillaZine was not hacked on Friday. From what we understand, a large load on the MySQL database put a lot of strain on the server. This caused the error messages that some users saw while using site features such as the Talkback article comments pages and the forums. At some points during the day, MozillaZine went down completely. For this reason, the Talkback pages and the forums were temporarily disabled but should now be fully working again.

#28 Correcting Usage and Public vs Private names.

by RabidMunk

Monday April 21st, 2003 2:12 PM

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Freshmeat brings up 9 "firebird" results. All of them are for the database or associated projects except

"4. Firebird Browser A Mozilla-based browser."

Someone will need to correct the Freshmeat entry to say "Mozilla Firebird." Do we have to mail every instance of using Firebird without Mozilla in front?

This is exactly where we need to address the question of public vs private names. OSS codenames have become used as "product names." I know that we all love cute itterative names. However, once they hit the web for general use, the rest of the world is not in on the in-joke. Yes, I know that Firebird is easy to remember if you remember that it replaces Pheonix which was the "rebirth" of Mozilla which was a gecko (lizard-->dinosaur-->godzilla) based replament to Mosaic.

If it's just a codename, I say we stick with Pheonix Project. If it's a public identifier, it should be a unique and descriptive identifier. Perhaps it could be refered to as the "Firebird Project" to denote it as a codename.