MozillaZine Reports on Firebird Name Debate

Sunday April 20th, 2003

Clay writes: " now has an article about the Firebird name debate. Is it true that MozillaZine was hacked?"

To the best of our knowledge, MozillaZine was not hacked on Friday. From what we understand, a large load on the MySQL database put a lot of strain on the server. This caused the error messages that some users saw while using site features such as the Talkback article comments pages and the forums. At some points during the day, MozillaZine went down completely. For this reason, the Talkback pages and the forums were temporarily disabled but should now be fully working again.

#15 Re: Stupid Article

by tseelee

Sunday April 20th, 2003 7:43 PM

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Thank you for an objective, reasoned post. As a loyal Mozilla user, I have not used M$IE much for a long, long time. I have eagerly awaited each feature release, and tried out betas and Phoenix. However, I am saddened by the utter unconcern shown to other open-source projects in this affair. This is obviously a calculated effort to use the name IN SPITE OF the fact that another, well-established project is already using it. (Note to FileZilla: beware of your name.) Are we so short of ideas that we need to hijack a perfectly generic name like "Firebird"? I'd like to think we're more creative than that. ("Firechick," as someone suggested, would be such a cute name.)

I don't see any possibility of changing the situation, but my apologies to the Firebird DB community. Perhaps you can sleep well knowing you picked a great name, and that Firebird the browser will be usurping your name for codename purposes only, I think...