Functional Widget Samples

Saturday January 9th, 1999

Bill Lynch took the current widget samples and created an interesting demo of how the widgets will look and react on an HTML page. To view Bill's widget guide, click here.

Bill writes, "I was interested by the new set of widgets that was posted recently at Using the image there, I made a widget guide. I think it gives a better idea of how the widgets would look and feel. Enjoy!"

#7 Re:Functional Widget Samples

by SomeSmartAss

Monday January 11th, 1999 7:21 AM

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> we have a series of widgets in an 8 point font.

Yes, I concur, however, I think that, unless specified by the designer, the font, size and attributes should default to the user/system preferences... It is currently possible to resize buttons and such by specifying a larger/smaller font size/face, I don't think that will disapear.