Functional Widget Samples

Saturday January 9th, 1999

Bill Lynch took the current widget samples and created an interesting demo of how the widgets will look and react on an HTML page. To view Bill's widget guide, click here.

Bill writes, "I was interested by the new set of widgets that was posted recently at Using the image there, I made a widget guide. I think it gives a better idea of how the widgets would look and feel. Enjoy!"

#12 Re:Functional Widget Samples

by a zimmerman

Monday January 18th, 1999 2:30 PM

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I like the "popdown" widget. its doesn't look like you can enter text into it like the standard windows GUI does. for this reason i'd avoid the combo box from looking like the current windows popdown. i would distinguish it from the regular popdown in some other way. perhaps having the arrow look a little more distinct from the text than the regular popdown would suffice. i'm sure others can come up with other suggestions. just don't make the widget look like it does something it doesn't!

also make sure you can override the colors/text with CSS. i think this is planned, but just wanted to chime in with it.

i'm not sure about the rollovers either. they may be a nice supplemental feature, but don't depend on the user doing a mouseover to verify it. in fact, i would bet most users would think its a link when they do a mouseover. maybe its better to just drop this out.

will these widgets all be default gray or will they match the OS's default system colors? for example, on the mac a user can use Kaleidoscope to change the default system colors for things such as windows. This is part of the Apple platinum interface. IE 4.5 adopted this so the windows and other user interface elements match the rest of the ui. I *think* ms plus does something similar on Windows. If the user's windows are blue, the widgets should not be gray, but blue.