Functional Widget Samples

Saturday January 9th, 1999

Bill Lynch took the current widget samples and created an interesting demo of how the widgets will look and react on an HTML page. To view Bill's widget guide, click here.

Bill writes, "I was interested by the new set of widgets that was posted recently at Using the image there, I made a widget guide. I think it gives a better idea of how the widgets would look and feel. Enjoy!"

#10 Re:Functional Widget Samples

by SomeSmartAss <>

Tuesday January 12th, 1999 9:16 AM

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>how could one disable the round corners? to my thinking, you don't. even if mozilla's implimentation of the CSS standards allows for color change of widgets, the over all look of these object should not change. If you realy don't like the look, use gif images and mouse events.

My real concurn with non-standard type colours was this;

if you allow the designer to change certain aspects of a widget (e.g. basic backgroung color and such), while leaving other aspects handled by the OS/User prefs(e.g. selected text back and fore colours), then you may have instances where these designer & pref colours render the widgets unreadable or dificult to use (e.g., a designer forcing the font colour and background colour to look like you default Windows "selected" white on blue in a listbox)

While I'm raising these usability questions. can I to assume that the <button> object will use the same widget as the regular <input type=button/submit/reset> object, or at least have a similar look & feel. Currently, in Gecko and the nightly builds, it looks like a layer with a frame, not a button.