First Thunderbird-Branded Stand-Alone Mail/News Build Available for Windows

Thursday April 17th, 2003

corolla writes: "A Windows binary of Thunderbird, dated 2003-04-16, has been posted to" The build,, is the first version to carry the new Thunderbird name (previous releases were branded as Minotaur).

In related news, all of's Thunderbird/Minotaur-related information has been moved to the new Thunderbird project site.

#4 Re: Be patient

by minh

Thursday April 17th, 2003 9:16 PM

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Yup. A couple of weeks ago, Minotaur was around 20 MB. Now, they cut it down to half. Furthermore, this build contains Gecko Runtime Environment (GRE). In the future, only a portion of Thunderbird will need to downloaded because you might have GRE on the computer. This will make updates more fun. GRE is around 3 MB.

On another note, Phoenix v.5 is 6.07 MB compressed as a Zip file (.zip). Expanded the file is 11.7 MB. However, I recompressed Phoenix v.5 using the 7Zip (.7z) format and got it down to 4.91 MB. Amazing! I chopped off a MegaByte. For the average user on dial-up that means 5-10 minutes less downloading time.

Knowing that not everyone has a 7Zip extractor, I made a 7Zip self extracting executable (.exe). That file is 4.98 MB. Additionally, decompression was a lot faster than the Zip extractor built into Windows XP. Compression was fairly quick as well. With 7Zip, we are getting pretty close to making Firebird as lean as Opera 7 (around 3 MB).