First Thunderbird-Branded Stand-Alone Mail/News Build Available for Windows

Thursday April 17th, 2003

corolla writes: "A Windows binary of Thunderbird, dated 2003-04-16, has been posted to" The build,, is the first version to carry the new Thunderbird name (previous releases were branded as Minotaur).

In related news, all of's Thunderbird/Minotaur-related information has been moved to the new Thunderbird project site.

#27 Z-zip commandline

by CeeJay

Sunday April 20th, 2003 4:49 AM

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For Zip compression 7-Zip use the same switches as most other zip compressors. For 7z compression it gets more complicated as 7z allows you to compress data into several different ways. It is however well described in the helpfile that accompanies 7-zip.

I made a batchfile that compresses Thunderbird the same way as the GUI version of 7-zip compresses it if you tell it to use max compression and make a self-extracting archive : ( I have Thunderbird installed in C:\Program Files\\Thunderbird\ and 7-zip installed in C:\Program Files\7-ZIP\ )

c: cd "c:\Program Files\\" "c:\Program Files\7-ZIP\7z.exe" a -sfx7zC.sfx Thunderbird.exe -r Thunderbird\* -mx

The resulting file was 7.77mb

If you also include a FTP upload script and then you could in one step archive and upload the Thunderbird package ready for download. I guess you could go even more advanced and make a scipt that builds Thunderbird and scedule it to run each day. This way everything would be done automaticly.