IBPhoenix Calls For More Focussed and Courteous Protest Campaign

Thursday April 17th, 2003

IBPhoenix, the FirebirdSQL Foundation sponsor who yesterday called for a mass forum posting and emailing campaign in opposition of Phoenix's renaming to Firebird, have reconsidered the scale of their protest. In an update posted on the IBPhoenix front page, the group says: "Yesterday, your voice was heard on their forums and in broadly targetted email. We've got their attention. Now, we should make our argument, simply, cogently, and with the respect owed by one open source group to another."

In a new article published today, Firebird Admin Ann Harrison asks fellow members of the Firebird database community to "stop broadcasting our dismay widely and focus instead on those people who can actually affect the decision." Adding that "the point is not to smother them in accuratory (sic) or derogatory messages", Harrison calls for future emails to be sent only to Mitchell Baker,'s Chief Lizard Wrangler, and Asa Dotzler, who announced Phoenix's new name on Monday.

The statement also includes a plea for civility: "When writing to the Mozilla forum or MozillaZine, use the same courtesy we use with each other in our discussions. Better yet, use the courtesy that we often use when we haven't forgotten ourselves and jumped on a soap-box." As one of the sites affected by this protest, we at MozillaZine welcome this move as a step in the right direction.

Update! Benman writes: "Slashdot has an article on the Mozilla Firebird name debate."

Another Update! The Firebird database project's front page article in protest of the renaming has been updated to remove the list of Mozilla developers' contact details. The announcement now requests that the Firebird database community only post to their own Firebird-general mailing list (which was known as IBDI until it was renamed on Wednesday). IBPhoenix have also modified their original statement to purge many Mozilla email addresses.

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by beg_ne

Sunday April 20th, 2003 7:36 PM

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I'm really getting tired of trolls from the Firebird Database community and developers.

The scenarios cooked up are so imaginative, yet so completely lack any sense of logic you really have to wonder about these people.

Lets take the post i'm replying to for example. The person stated that "I have been trying to convert to Firebird from SQLServer - I've been at it for 6 months". Given that the poster has had *20 years of his life saved* because of this project he has no doubt told his customers all about the product and its merits and probably its rich history and how its come into existence.

Also apparently his customers are very savvy as not only are they supposedly familiar with a project as obscure as Mozilla(and when it comes to browsers pretty much anything other than IE can be considered obscure to the vast majority of people out there) but they are also up on current events as they would be familiar with the Firebird name even if, "the conflict had not been reported".

Then by some unexplainable event these customers suddenly become blathering computer-illiterate bafoons, yet still maintaining their knowledge of the Mozilla Firebird project, and they become utterly confused why the poster would want to replace their database server with a web browser.

I guess then would come in the damage part as the Customers would then at this point sever all ties with the poster, as they wouldn't want to be doing business with someone who would try to replace their database server with a browser.

Atleast thats what i could gather from the post.

I guess the Firebird Database people have to resort to these nonsensical scenarios to try and convince the the general population(of people who actually care about things like open source web browsers and RDBMS) that they are somehow right or have some claim to the Firebird name even if they done have a legal claim to it.

Unfortunately as I see it they don't have any claim to the Firebird in any sense. They don't have a legal claim as stated above.

I also don't think they have any kind of moral or ethical claim to it because they used it "first". Especially when THEY HAVE NOT USED IT FIRST.

Firebird is not a word they invented or have any claim to making. It's a generic word and they seemingly made no effort to make their project unique as they do not attach their organization name to use(such as Mozilla will be referring to Firebird as "Mozilla Firebird" not just "Firebird"). Why didn't the Firebird database people call it "FirebirdSQL" that would be a unique name and would cause no confusion with any other Firebird project as the community would call it "FirebirdSQL" instead of just "Firebird"(And for any trolls who might want to say, "But people would just call it 'Firebird' anyway", how many people to you see refer to "MySQL" as just "My"? :P)

Now back to them not being first, i'll use the Firebird BBS project because they are another OpenSource project that was using the Firebird name before the database people. I believe it was one of the Developers of the the Firebird database project that posted to Mozillazine that that didn't count since the project was in Chinese and based in the ROC.

That statement is complete BS IMO, the Firebird BBS project name is itself in english, even if the software may not(i'm not sure). Since the Firebird Database people have no legal claim to the name it is moot wether or not a project is based in the ROC or anywhere else in the world. Unless the Firebird database people are trying to infer that only projects based out of english speaking countries matter?

I guess since the Firebird database people know they can't "win" based on any kind of logical thinking they will simply make enough noise until people fall in line with their thinking.