Reports on Phoenix/Minotaur Renaming Focus on Firebird Database Protest

Wednesday April 16th, 2003

InternetNews was one of the first sites to report on the renaming of Phoenix and Minotaur to Firebird and Thunderbird. Australian site LinuxWorld concentrated on the reaction from the Firebird database community, with claims that posts in "the Netscape-Mozilla newsgroup" (it's unclear exactly which newsgroup this refers to) are being censored. CNET also focussed on the controversy, including a link to a page from FirebirdSQL Foundation sponsor IBPhoenix that encourages people to join the "fray" and add to the "heat in [the MozillaZine] forums". The call-to-arms also lists the email addresses of many of the more prominent Mozilla contributors and suggests deluging them with messages (even though many of the listed people had nothing to do with the name change).

Posts to the forums about the name change should be kept polite and constructive and added to the existing name change announcement topic.

Update! The Firebird Admins have posted a statement about Phoenix's renaming to Firebird on their front page. Stating that they "strongly oppose this change", the announcement follows the earlier IBPhoenix article in asking its readers to declare their objections by posting to Mozilla community forums and emailing various Mozilla developers.

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by Ded

Friday April 18th, 2003 3:05 AM

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"I happen to think Firebird is a lousy name for a database. What does Firebird have to do with datebases anyway?"

Easy to answer: name reflect our history. Our predecessor, Borland InterBase, was near to be killed by owner due to profit was much less than from Delphi/BCB departments. InterBase Developers Initiative group led community under catchwords "Save InterBase", partly as a result Borland made last step (as they planned) - opened source and said they have intention to detach department as separated company to control Open Source project. This was'nt done and group of volunteers took source and revived RDBMS from ash.

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