Reports on Phoenix/Minotaur Renaming Focus on Firebird Database Protest

Wednesday April 16th, 2003

InternetNews was one of the first sites to report on the renaming of Phoenix and Minotaur to Firebird and Thunderbird. Australian site LinuxWorld concentrated on the reaction from the Firebird database community, with claims that posts in "the Netscape-Mozilla newsgroup" (it's unclear exactly which newsgroup this refers to) are being censored. CNET also focussed on the controversy, including a link to a page from FirebirdSQL Foundation sponsor IBPhoenix that encourages people to join the "fray" and add to the "heat in [the MozillaZine] forums". The call-to-arms also lists the email addresses of many of the more prominent Mozilla contributors and suggests deluging them with messages (even though many of the listed people had nothing to do with the name change).

Posts to the forums about the name change should be kept polite and constructive and added to the existing name change announcement topic.

Update! The Firebird Admins have posted a statement about Phoenix's renaming to Firebird on their front page. Stating that they "strongly oppose this change", the announcement follows the earlier IBPhoenix article in asking its readers to declare their objections by posting to Mozilla community forums and emailing various Mozilla developers.

#155 "Self-Centric"?

by Kommet

Thursday April 17th, 2003 12:35 PM

You are replying to this message

"... self centric viewpoint" ???

I think you have mistaken me for a Mozilla developer, which I am not. I AM an end-user, but one who grasps the concepts a bit better than you, it seems...

You write apps for profit? Well then they damn well better be all about the users or else you would find yourself out of work pretty quickly, yeah? Your point of view is completely valid and well reasoned, in the context of you getting paid for this devel work by those who will consume it. Even in the charity case, you are making a product for the charity to use and though done for free, it is still done for the users' benefit.

See? I just agreed that you have a valid point.

Now I stop agreeing. Mozilla the project exists for developers who want to create Mozilla. Bugzilla (Mozilla's copy, not the project) exists to track bugs and feature requests for the Mozilla project, not to be some sort of general discussion forum for people who choose to use the fruits of the developers' labor.

Feel free to admit that you were wrong any time now. Even if only for the "... biggest piece of BS that I've ever heard..." crack, which was uncalled-for, and pretty obviously wrong. While you are at it, you might admit that you were wrong in saying that Bugzilla exists for the community to express their disapproval, which is ALSO patently false and in fact the only reason Sander corrected you in the first place.

I understand the desire to use hyperbole in saying "biggest piece", but I was trying to reign you in a bit, first by pointing out that it was a true and correct statement, not BS, and then stating that even if I WAS wrong at it was BS it could not possibly be the biggest piece you ever heard or else you are a hermit. Forgive me for using hyperbole to express this, but as they say, those in glass houses...