Most MozillaZine Poll Respondents in Favour of New Roadmap Proposals

Tuesday April 15th, 2003

Our most recent poll questioned you about your thoughts on the new Mozilla Development Roadmap. 1,935 people answered with the majority being in favour of the plans. 58% are fully supportive of the proposals, while 30% are generally supportive but have some reservations. 4% of respondents describe themselves as neutral, 5% are generally opposed but like some of the new ideas and just 1% say they are completely opposed.

Yesterday, the new name for Phoenix was revealed to be Firebird. Vote in our latest poll to tell us what you think of the name and watch the current results to see what others say.

#4 i dont buy the extension idea yet

by johann_p

Wednesday April 16th, 2003 4:00 AM

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IMO, the idea to put everything but the basic, stripped down browser into extensions will pathetically fail. It seems that the core developers see this solution as a way to avoid the disucssions of where to put what in the gui, how to combine features, how to compromise on feature vs. code complexity or features vs. performance etc. All that suddenly is left to independen extension developers how will create an utter mess of overlapping, non-compatible, stability-threatening, making it even much harder to debug extensions, maybe even security threads. We already have a terrible mess with extensions: two versions of tab extensions, several ways of getting UA-spoofing, strange things happening when combining these extensions, bugs where it is unclear if it is a browser bug or extension bug etc. Unless core developers coordinate this and extensions are carefully designed to fit together, combine to a usable and unobstrusive UI and follow other development guidelines, this is something I probably do not want to have.