Most MozillaZine Poll Respondents in Favour of New Roadmap Proposals

Tuesday April 15th, 2003

Our most recent poll questioned you about your thoughts on the new Mozilla Development Roadmap. 1,935 people answered with the majority being in favour of the plans. 58% are fully supportive of the proposals, while 30% are generally supportive but have some reservations. 4% of respondents describe themselves as neutral, 5% are generally opposed but like some of the new ideas and just 1% say they are completely opposed.

Yesterday, the new name for Phoenix was revealed to be Firebird. Vote in our latest poll to tell us what you think of the name and watch the current results to see what others say.

#3 Name pronunciation

by joe222

Wednesday April 16th, 2003 2:39 AM

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What I find in Firebird and Thunderbird is that the names are to hard to pronounce or even write correctly by a Spanish person (once heard being pronounced before by another Spanish speaking person). I mean that went speaking of either one of them to a Spanish speaking person you will have to spell them out (something not common in Spanish) for them to be able to search for them on the net, for example.

As an example, Mozilla doesn't have that problem, nor does Apache, Microsoft, Apple (even with the two p's), PHP, Linux, Google, MySQL, etc. While some of them are easier than others they 'seem' easier to remember because of the vowels and the shortnest. I guess the same happens with other languages when trying to pronounce names in English. The trick could be to avoid particular sounds or pairs of letters that don't exist in other languages (as a general rule). 'Th' in Spanish is tricky coz we don't have it and if read in Spanish by someone not able to speak English, they would just pronounce the T and forget about the h.

In these two names I find Thunderbird to be the harder to pronounce/spell/help remembering (once you say the name to a Spanish person).