Phoenix and Minotaur to be renamed Firebird and Thunderbird

Monday April 14th, 2003

Asa Dotzler writes: "After months of discussion and further months of legal investigation, we're finally comfortable moving forward with new names. The new name for the Phoenix browser is 'Firebird'. The documentation and product strings will be updated soon. In addition to securing Firebird, we've also got the OK from those contributing legal resources to use the name 'Thunderbird' for a mail client. Hopefully this will be the end of naming legal issues for a while."

#168 Confusion DOES exist, and arrogance won't erase it

by Rastor

Wednesday April 16th, 2003 7:22 PM

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"There's room enough for educational software, database systems, financial software, video games, and bbs servers with Firebird in the name. I happen to think that 'Mozilla Firebird Browser' is probably the least likely to be confused with any of the other projects."

Asa, why do you refuse to admit that there is a possibility of confusion? Browsers and databases are frequently used in conjunction. Your arrogant "Mozilla will do whatever the hell we want, who cares about this other project with thousands of users that has been in active development for years?" attitude is not likely to settle this problem. Why is it so difficult to choose a name that is not already taken by a WIDELY used software project?

And really, what does "Firebird" have to do with web browsing, anyway? When I hear "Firebird", I think of the RDBMS, and maybe cars, but not browsing the web -- I have always associated that more with water/surfing metaphors, the Galeon browser being a good example of this.