Phoenix and Minotaur to be renamed Firebird and Thunderbird

Monday April 14th, 2003

Asa Dotzler writes: "After months of discussion and further months of legal investigation, we're finally comfortable moving forward with new names. The new name for the Phoenix browser is 'Firebird'. The documentation and product strings will be updated soon. In addition to securing Firebird, we've also got the OK from those contributing legal resources to use the name 'Thunderbird' for a mail client. Hopefully this will be the end of naming legal issues for a while."

#145 Re: Re: Protecting Mozilla's Open Source Cred.

by asa <>

Wednesday April 16th, 2003 12:08 PM

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" The Firebird BBS project is alive and well. But it is a pity that you forgot to mention that it is in CHINESE and based in ROC. "

What does nationality have to do with it? Google certainly turns up enough Firbird documentation in English that it's kind of hard to miss what it is and what it does. It's pretty obvious from this google hit <> that they pre-date the RDBMS and that they're an open source project. A little more searching and some babelfish will tell you that they're quite successful.

"Let's face it. There is only one open source software project called Firebird and it is not yours. "

Um, I'd wager that the Firebird BBS guys and the Viracocha & Firebird guys would dispute that. You're claiming that those are not open source software projects? Is it because they're not American that they're not open source? Suggesting that because one of the projects was Chinese that it isn't worth discussing and then excluding them from your definition of open source seeme at best confused and at worst racist. I was in Beijing last spring speaking at TsingHua University about open source and I can tell you that the audience there would vehemently disagree with your suggestion.

And speaking about omitting things, what about all of the others? <http://financialfirebird.…ortgage/services/tour.htm> is certainly alive and kicking. <> doesn't seem to belong to the 80s. My point is that the RDBMS was certainly not the first or only software or other computer related product to use the name. They weren't even the first open source project to use it. There's room enough for educational software, database systems, financial software, video games, and bbs servers with Firebird in the name. I happen to think that "Mozilla Firebird Browser" is probably the least likely to be confused with any of the other projects. I'd certainly be more confused between the names Firebird BBS and Firebird RDBMS than I would be between Mozilla Firebird browser and Firebird RDBMS.