Phoenix and Minotaur to be renamed Firebird and Thunderbird

Monday April 14th, 2003

Asa Dotzler writes: "After months of discussion and further months of legal investigation, we're finally comfortable moving forward with new names. The new name for the Phoenix browser is 'Firebird'. The documentation and product strings will be updated soon. In addition to securing Firebird, we've also got the OK from those contributing legal resources to use the name 'Thunderbird' for a mail client. Hopefully this will be the end of naming legal issues for a while."

#126 Lawfully, but not too friendly...

by vnv

Wednesday April 16th, 2003 6:51 AM

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Firebird the Browser well may be bullet-proof from the legal point of view. But in my opinion this decision violates some implied 'Good Neighbors Code' of the free software community, and it taints the community with seeds of conflict (unless Firebird is going to be just a codename for internal use only). As a minor stakeholder and minor contributor (I am a volunteer member of localization team), I do not feel comfortable about this decision, and I'd feel much better if it was re-considered. To me, even Mozilla Browser would do better as a last resort. (Please note that I voice opinion of my own, not the one of the team.)

Regards, Vadim Vinichenko