Series of Mozilla Tutorials in UK 'Linux Format' Magazine

Friday April 11th, 2003

Brian King writes: "Linux Format is currently running a series of articles/tutorials about Mozilla. Issue 37 (February 2003) did a piece called Mozilla: Skinning the beast while issue 38 (March 2003) has numerous tips and tricks including adding a sidebar, customising the throbber, and changing userchrome, usercontent and user.js in profiles.

"Unfortunately, the archives section on the website does not contain the articles, so I would recommend going out and trying to pick up a copy. It is a British magazine, and should be available from many good magazine vendors throughout Europe, but I am not sure of its availability elsewhere."

It looks like issue 39 has some information about customising Mozilla too. Future Publishing's magazines page has details about back issues and there's also a section on overseas distribution. In addition, international subscriptions of Linux Format are also available.

#1 Wollongong, Australia

by sime

Saturday April 12th, 2003 4:28 AM

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The uni of wollongong (UoW), its 1-2hrs south of [ the center of] Sydney if your wondering, the UniCentre there has huge array of international magazines. And in passing I saw LinuxFormat there the other day, might check it for the Mozilla stuff.