New Search Bar in Camino

Thursday April 10th, 2003

The latest Camino nightly build includes a new search bar. Operating much like the equivalent feature in Phoenix, the new search bar allows users of the Mac OS X browser to search the Web using Google, Google Image Search or Google Site Search. It's also possible to add more search engines by editing a plist file — see bug 158246 comment 23 for details on how to do this.

Update! A more detailed description of how to customise the available search engines is now online.

#6 Standard search plugins?

by GAThrawn

Friday April 11th, 2003 3:26 AM

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Is there a reason why this doesn't use the standard search plugins as used by Mozilla, Phoenix et al (and modelled on the Mac's Sherlock search plugins I believe)?

It would make far more sense to use the standard format as used by all the other Mozilla browsers, and even used in the OS, wouldn't it? Especially as they're XPI installable rather than needing users to muck around editing plist files (you and I may think that adding %s to a URI and putting it in a file to modify this is acceptable, but the average user won't).