Minotaur Trunk Build for Windows Released

Thursday April 10th, 2003

joe wrote in to tell us that the first trunk build of Minotaur is now available for Windows. While earlier Minotaur builds made use of and could share settings with Mozilla profiles, this version — like all builds dated April 7th or later — uses separate Minotaur-specific profiles. However, it is possible to transfer your settings from a Mozilla profile.

You can download this Windows build from Look for the file. Note that not all of the patches have landed on the trunk yet, so it's not possible to build this version yourself.

#15 Re: Preference Defaults

by benfaust

Saturday June 10th, 2006 8:24 AM

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I'm new to this thread and found it accidentally while looking for something else. I must comment though that distributing a browser to the general public which has the images and JavaScript turned off by default would be a major disservice to the public. Unless you're a geek like some of us, the Internet is dead without images. And the number of sites which use JavaScript for pull-down menus is growing daily.

Internet privacy is a joke. People turn off cookies because they don't want their "privacy" violated. And people buy banner blockers because they don't want to see ads. I'm not sure what kind of a world some people are hoping we live in, but advertisement is what keeps a free enterprise going. Everything can't be open source and ad-free. Unfortunately, for the moment at least, we can't eat digital food or live in digital homes.

Back on topic, as a website developer who works with both large corporations and individuals starting new businesses, it's hard enough explaining why something doesn't work like they expected without having to walk them through turning on images and Javascript. And honest, unless this is a browser for us geeks, what user out there doesn't want to see any images?