Minotaur Trunk Build for Windows Released

Thursday April 10th, 2003

joe wrote in to tell us that the first trunk build of Minotaur is now available for Windows. While earlier Minotaur builds made use of and could share settings with Mozilla profiles, this version — like all builds dated April 7th or later — uses separate Minotaur-specific profiles. However, it is possible to transfer your settings from a Mozilla profile.

You can download this Windows build from Look for the file. Note that not all of the patches have landed on the trunk yet, so it's not possible to build this version yourself.

#12 Oh, $DEITY, not another profile SNAFU

by mwood

Monday April 14th, 2003 12:00 PM

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I *still* haven't got all of my Netscape 4 profile recovered into NS7 and now someone is inventing Yet Another Profile Mutation. Could someone please spend a little time figuring out why the last N profile schemes were *all* insufficient, and design one we can keep for a while?