New Resources Section

Friday January 8th, 1999

Joel Caris, a regular contributor of news items to mozillaZine, had a good idea which he shared in the feedback to the latest poll. He was interested in mozillaZine starting a page of resources for people learning C++. We liked the idea, and decided to kick it off by asking the developers at to give us some book recommendations for aspiring Mozilla coders. The results are on our new resources page, which is linked to on the navbar at right. We have recommendations from Jamie Zawinski, Rick Gessner, Chris Saari, Christopher Blizzard, Radha Kulkarni, and Alec Flett.

Also, the recommendations link directly to, where you can purchase the books immediately and support mozillaZine at the same time! Check out the resources page for more.

The resources page will be growing in the coming weeks and months as we add new recommendations and online resources, so stay tuned.

#1 Re:New Resources Section

by smartin

Friday January 8th, 1999 2:14 PM

Bruce Eckel is writing a 2nd Edition to the successful "Thinking in C++". You can download "Thinking in C++, Second Edition" for FREE at

Note: The book is currently in beta, but will be published in 1999.

#2 Re:New Resources Section

by Cyanide (Oli White)

Friday January 8th, 1999 10:59 PM

Yes please, I'll take two thanks. :)