Minotaur Builds Available for Linux and Mac OS X

Friday April 4th, 2003

joe wrote in to tell us that Minotaur builds are now available for Linux and Mac OS X.

#30 Re: en_DK

by DPJ <>

Tuesday April 8th, 2003 11:07 AM

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en_dk was created as a bit of a joke... <…tune.en.html#s-ISO-locale> ...which is not to say that it is not useful. I think it has since been submitted as a standard.

Few (if any) other non-anglophone countries have an en_xx locale in Linux, so in that respect the Danish are fortunate to have such a locale available to them. What non-Danes and residents of non-anglophone countries would use if they wanted English I do not know. What is needed is an international English locale packed with as many international conventions as possible in it.