Minotaur Builds Available for Linux and Mac OS X

Friday April 4th, 2003

joe wrote in to tell us that Minotaur builds are now available for Linux and Mac OS X.

#28 thank you! but ...

by johann_p

Tuesday April 8th, 2003 4:18 AM

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Thanks, what a nice coincidence to have english-speaking danish people :) But this of course shows how broken this way of defining things is - the date format and date language should be seperate things of course. Even in a small country like austria, there are many ways how to display a date in use and the requirement to mix language and format freely should be legitimate. With this way of defining things one is obviously out of luck if there is not by coincidence the combination you need. Windows obviously does it much better here, by clearly seperating these issues. Who is to blame for the silly way of doing this under linux then?