New Widget Sample Online

Thursday January 7th, 1999

If you have been following the XPFE newsgroup, you may have come across the debate about widgets in the new cross-platform mozilla application. The final decision was for the widgets displayed on HTML pages (radio-buttons, drop-down menus, etc.) and dialog boxes to be platform-neutral for the moment, with the possibility of adding in native widget-sets later. This new platform neutral widget set requires new widget images, and the new samples have come online here.

German Bauer is the creator of these sample images, and his current thoughts can be read here. This post is really worth checking out if you have a moment.

Please be advised: this is a Work In Progress! Please don't flame the creator of these widgets in talkback. However, please feel free to post constructive criticism or other thoughts on this issue.

#46 Too threedy

by Adam Rice

Friday January 8th, 1999 5:22 PM

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I happen to think that correct visual interpretation of a widget should NOT depend on the 3D highlighting. The human brain takes longer to process the 3D effects into shapes than it does to distinguish shapes shown in different colours. This is a major problem with the Motif look, in my opinion, although this widget set does at least look less butt-ugly than that. Other than that, I'm all for it. Anything that helps clueless web designers make pages that look the same on my machine as they look on theirs is a good thing (well, ALMOST anything :-). And as to the argument that this increases browser incompatibilities, in my option, it reduces it. Rather than treating Netscape as three platforms wrt. form layout, it can now be treated as one.