New Widget Sample Online

Thursday January 7th, 1999

If you have been following the XPFE newsgroup, you may have come across the debate about widgets in the new cross-platform mozilla application. The final decision was for the widgets displayed on HTML pages (radio-buttons, drop-down menus, etc.) and dialog boxes to be platform-neutral for the moment, with the possibility of adding in native widget-sets later. This new platform neutral widget set requires new widget images, and the new samples have come online here.

German Bauer is the creator of these sample images, and his current thoughts can be read here. This post is really worth checking out if you have a moment.

Please be advised: this is a Work In Progress! Please don't flame the creator of these widgets in talkback. However, please feel free to post constructive criticism or other thoughts on this issue.

#42 Re:New Widget Sample Online

by Snoop Baron

Friday January 8th, 1999 12:43 PM

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Looks good. I don't like the underline on the drop down list as I missed it the first time around.

I think the advantages here do out way the disadvantages.

Using these widgets for the page content is a good idea, but not for the rest of the Mozilla UI (unless the platform your porting to has no GUI) that should use the platforms standard UI.

Also have a default set of key controls for the new GUI and use that default if the platform your on doesn't have a GUI, but on platforms like UNIX, Windows, Mac use their standard key board handling. I've never found slightly different looking up arrows and down arrows or buttons very confusing, but having your text box handle the key board in differnt ways can be confusing. My sister who is a novice user thought I was running windows when she was using netscape under Linux and it uses a different GUI.

I also think that it will make form placement and page design a lot easier since the widgets will always take up the same amount of space regardless of the platform. The feature of color blending widgets is also nice, but you should be able to turn it off. And it should be based on a standard not something unique to Mozilla. Maybe using the body fg and bg colors.